EENM Rings In 2023 With A New Executive Director!

EENM is pleased to kick off the new year by welcoming our new Executive Director, Carlos Matutes, to the Leadership Team. Carlos is an experienced advocate of outdoor education, recreation, and sustainability. As the Executive Director of the Southwest Idaho Mountain Biking Association for over four years, Carlos has been dedicated to creating a supportive community and fostering the development of trails.

Throughout his life-long exploration of trails, Carlos has found joy in introducing others to the transformative power that nature can have on people’s lives. 

From teaching mountain bike skills courses, writing curriculum for Boise State University’s Summer Youth Sports Program and leading large scale trail construction projects, Carlos believes that by encouraging engagement with nature we can all develop a greater appreciation and understanding of our environment. 

He says, “My passion for connecting people with nature has been a lifelong journey. I believe that by immersing ourselves in the beauty of nature, we can heal, strengthen our connection to the environment, and learn more about the world around us. From exploring trails to teaching outdoor courses, I strive to give others meaningful experiences in the wilderness.

Environmental education is also a major part of my life’s commitment to sustainability. By providing youth with an understanding of their surroundings, we can make lasting changes that will benefit future generations. I’m passionate about creating opportunities for others to discover how they can become stewards of the planet.”

Since making his move to New Mexico, Carlos has been enjoying every minute spent marveling at the beauty of Sandia Crest with his partner Daniella and their two beloved dogs.