Statewide Inventory of K-12 EE Programs

Click HERE for the New Mexico K-12 EE Program inventory!

EEANM has developed an inventory of K-12 environmental education programs in New Mexico. It is our vision that this inventory will serve as a living document, evolving as organizations and programs evolve. We hope that it will guide the development of new programs, reduce overlap in programming, and ultimately serve as a platform for collaboration and partnership. The inventory also will be resource for educators and families, so that more children in New Mexico can experience the outdoor and environmental education opportunities available in our state.

In building this inventory, we considered previous efforts to catalog EE programs in New Mexico and lessons learned by other states that have undertaken this process. EEANM staff collected initial data for the inventory through online web searches and refined this information with feedback provided by the EE community. 

If your program is not listed in the inventory, please fill out this form:

Thank you to McCune Charitable Foundation and Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge for their generous funding and support of this inventory!

Would you like to see this inventory become more detailed, more user-friendly, and reach a wider audience? We would too! If you or your organization would like to financially sponsor this effort, please call 505-859-3366 or email to discuss further.