Environmental Education Certification Program

Students learning in the field.

Students learning in the field.

Program On Hold

The New Mexico EE Certification program is on hold as EENM’s Leadership Team explores how certification fits into our new mission, vision and strategic direction.

Past certification information:

EENM created a certification for environmental educators in New Mexico. It established high standards for the professional qualifications of environmental educators in New Mexico.

A diverse team of experienced environmental educators from across the state worked to set specific standards of knowledge, skills and experience that highly qualified environmental educators in New Mexico should be able to demonstrate. An EE Certification Mentorship Program provides additional support for candidates from underserved communities.

How to Get Certified

  1. Read through the EE Certification Program Overview.
  2. Applications are currently closed. To stay connected for this opportunity, please join our free list serve here or follow our Facebook page.

EE Certification Forms

Those interested in applying to the EE Certification program should download and complete the 2017 Application form. Please email the completed form to director@eeanm.org. Once your application is submitted, we will send you an invoice for your application fee.

EE Certification Timelines

Regular Program

  1. Initial applications due in the fall
  2. Program acceptance or deferral by December 31
  3. Advisor assignment
  4. Initial self-assessment (used to determine professional development plan)
  5. Portfolio development and submission in fall
  6. Application review by NMEECPAC
  7. Notification of certification or deferral by October 31
  8. Recertification every 5 years

EE Certification Fees

Fees are necessary to cover the cost of program administration. Fees are non-refundable. Please note that you must be a current EEANM member to enroll in this program. Memberships start at $30/year and you can join immediately at https://eenm.org/join/.

  • Application Fee – $25
  • Certification Fee – $180 (due upon acceptance into the program)
  • Reciprocity Application Fee – $25
  • Recertification Fee – $50

More About the EE Certification Program

New Mexico’s program meets requirements for a nationally transferable certification. After completing the current, we will be seeking accreditation by the North American Association for Environmental Education.

The certification process is based on competencies and experience – where the applicant will demonstrate what they know, have done and can do. It is based on mastery of the Core Competencies for Environmental Educators, which came from the NAAEE Guidelines for the Preparation of Environmental Educators.

Candidates must have a level of mastery in EE areas that cover 6 themes:

  1. Environmental Literacy
  2. Foundations of EE
  3. Professional Responsibilities of the Environmental Educator
  4. Planning and Implementing EE
  5. Fostering Learning
  6. Evaluation and Assessment

See the Self-Assessment for the listings of competencies within each theme.

Benefits of EE Certification

Candidates may include formal and non-formal educators who work in variety of capacities in the environmental education field. A certification program will:

  • Professionalize the field of environmental education
  • Set a baseline understanding for skills and knowledge expected of environmental educators
  • Ensure best practices in environmental education
  • Raise the credibility of the environmental education profession
  • Broaden the community of environmental educators
  • Foster professional development among environmental educators
  • Help employers identify well qualified staff
  • Develop common ground in a diverse and varied field
  • Build a strong foundation and consistency in skills and knowledge for EE providers


This program is made possible through two small grants from the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE), funded by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Office of Environmental Education, the Albert I. Pierce Foundation, and countless volunteer hours of the planning committee. The New Mexico Environmental Education Certification Program Advisory Committee (NMEECPAC) worked from September 2009 to April 2015 to develop the plan.