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The free EcoEd listserv is a space to share information related to outdoor and environmental learning across New Mexico. This is made possible by EENM membership support. Please consider becoming an EENM member to invest in our community and enjoy all the benefits of membership.

We welcome you to join our outdoor and environmental learning community! If you’d like to join and have a Google account, please click here, click “Ask to Join Group,” and tell us a little about yourself. If you would like to be added but do not have a Google account, email with the subject line “Join EcoEd,” and include your reason for joining in the message.

Information sharing, such as advocacy and funding opportunities, free community events and programs, resources, and information-seeking emails are encouraged. Job postings, internships, tuition-based programs, and fundraising solicitations are not allowed to be shared on the listservBefore posting, please be sure to read the full EcoEd Guidelines. All EcoEd posts are moderated. Posts are typically approved and posted within 1-2 business days.