Every Kid Every Day Every Way: Core Messaging to Support Outdoor and Environmental Learning Initiatives

With the generous support from the Pisces Foundation, McCune Charitable Foundation, and Lineberry Foundation, over the last three years, EENM has hosted two fellowship cohorts who have embarked on an incredible journey that would lead them deep into systems change work to create new ways to increase outdoor and environmental learning across the state by implementing equitable daily access to the outdoors for every student K-12th grade. This transformative work looked at the root of the problem and addressed it through the needs and voices of the communities across New Mexico.  The power of the community voices and the fellowship work has already led to state funding opportunities in 2022 for schools across the state as well as the creation of the first-ever Outdoor Learning Specialist Positions at the New Mexico Public Education Department. 

Doing a deep dive into the meanings behind the recommendations and exploring years of community voices, conversations, partner resources, and tools, as well as all of the ideas and conversations already generated throughout the community gatherings and fellowship conversations, both cohorts of fellows met in December of 2022. They worked hard on preparation and authenticity for intentional and effective messaging to support each recommendation in Every Kid Every Day Every Way. 

Each message can be used by anyone as a communication strategy to support outdoor and environmental learning initiatives across organizations to reach every student throughout the state.

Click on the link below to view the messages: