Board of Directors Job Description

Grasses by cityofalbuquerque/FlickrThe Board of Directors links EEANM to the local, state and regional environmental and education communities. A commitment to serve on the Board of Directors carries with it certain expectations. In turn, EEANM is committed to making your board service rewarding and enjoyable and to helping you exercise your special talents to help promote quality environmental education throughout New Mexico.


EEANM is a nonprofit organization that provides, promotes, and enhances quality environmental education by offering New Mexicans opportunities for professional development, communication, and partnership.

Board Purpose

To establish policies, procedures and regulations for the governance of EEANM; to raise funds to finance the organization and its programs; and to monitor the organization’s performance.

Responsible To

The President of the Board of Directors

Terms and Term Length

Two years with an opportunity to serve up to three consecutive terms.

Nine members will be elected by the general membership and will take office at the conclusion of the annual meeting (generally in the fall). Four of these positions are elected in even years; five are elected in odd years. Two members are appointed by the Board (one added each year).


In writing to the President, Board of Directors

Responsibilities and Powers of the Board of Directors

  • To represent EEANM in a responsible and positive manner at professional events, functions, community activities, etc.
  • Establish policies and procedures for administering the program and services that are in harmony with the mission of the EEANM.
  • Ensure that the financial affairs of EEANM are conducted in a responsible manner in accordance with established policies and by-laws.
  • To identify sources, utilize resources and work with donors to secure funding and partnerships that help to finance the organization and its programs.

Specific Duties and Expectations of a Board Member

  • Attend Board meetings regularly. The Board may, at its discretion and according to the by-laws, remove or replace any director who has three consecutive absences from regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Serve on at least one EEANM committee.
  • Become a financial supporter of EEANM at an appropriate personal level (i.e., one of your top 5 philanthropies). Each year, the Board will set a collective goal for personal giving by Board members at the November or December Board meeting.
  • Serve as an advocate for EEANM throughout the state.
  • Be informed about EEANM programs, policies and services.
  • Be informed about our status as an affiliate of the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE) and its programs.
  • Take the appropriate time to become well informed on all agenda items.
  • Exercise loyalty towards EEANM and confidentiality regarding its internal affairs as discussed at board meetings and other official functions.
  • Provide candid, open and honest feedback and evaluation when appropriate.
  • Provide leadership within the board and in the community on behalf of EEANM.
  • Take initiative in informing the organization about opportunities for funding or program developments.
  • Support the organization and its officers in times of controversy or crisis.
  • Provide sensitivity and support to staff members and other Directors as they perform their duties.


Photo: Grasses by cityofalbuquerque/Flickr