Dr. Buxbaum’s EE Work Honored with 2014 Becker Award

Chuck with students

Chuck’s enthusiasm for teaching is evident in the classroom, the gym and beyond!

EEANM is thrilled to announce that Dr. Chuck Buxbaum, Environmental Science Teacher and Sustainability Director at Sandia Prep, has been selected to receive EEANM’s 2014 Dr. Richard W. Becker Award of Excellence in Environmental Education!

This award acknowledges Dr. Buxbaum’s deep commitment to the ideals of Dr. Becker and the broad impact of his work in environmental education. From his work educating preservice teachers at UNM to his work educating students at Sandia Prep, his nominators have provided many examples of his exemplary practice. Dr. Matt Nyman, PhD, former UNM professor of natural sciences, wrote, “Dr. Buxbaum taught several sections of both life and environmental science for pre-service elementary teachers… Dr. Buxbaum’s expertise and strong commitment to environmental education fostered an incredible learning environment; students gained important content and worked on skills and projects that would benefit their future teaching…Dr. Buxbaum’s personal commitment to the environment and environmental ethics were a personal model for the students; they learned about how personal choices and decisions can affect broader issues and processes.”

If we could find a way to convert passion for the environment into an energy source, Chuck Buxbaum could power most of the world…

Dr. Buxbaum’s nominator, Cheryl McMillan, Assistant Head of School for Academics at Sandia Prep, stated that, “If we could find a way to convert passion for the environment into an energy source, Chuck Buxbaum could power most of the world. Dr. Buxbaum is both the Environmental Science teacher and the Sustainability Coordinator at Sandia Preparatory School. Not only has he designed the curriculum for Environmental Systems and Environmental Technology, but he has transformed Sandia Prep into an environmentally aware campus. Through his initiative, we are now equipped with water bottle fill stations, a wall of stationary bicycles equipped with electric generators (which our students ride during lunch), dozens of recycle and compostable goods bins positioned all over campus, “food drops” that allow students and faculty to drop off the food they don’t want from their lunch so others can eat it instead of throwing it away, and re-usable ceramic dishes and metal utensils in our lunch room. Perhaps more important than the physical changes he has brought to campus is the level of environmental awareness he has created in both students and faculty.”

Congratulations to Dr. Chuck Buxbaum’s selection for this award, and thanks to him for all he does for our community as he furthers environmental education in New Mexico.

This article was originally published in EE Connections for Winter 2014 [PDF].