EPA Small Grant Recipients Deliver Results

Hawks Aloft in the classroom.

Teaching about raptors in the classroom. Photo courtesy of Hawks Aloft.

During 2013, twenty-one grantees from EPA Region 6 worked on projects funded by the Small Grants Program administered by EEANM. The six grantees from New Mexico have been busy increasing EE opportunities:

  • Hawks Aloft took their hands-on, project-based “Living with the Landscape” curriculum into more schools.
  • NM Wilderness Alliance piloted a three-tiered wilderness education program that targets classrooms, outdoor experiences and communities.
  • Four Corners School of Outdoor Education focused on water issues with professional development for K-8 teachers from schools on the Colorado Plateau.
  • New Mexico Water Conservation Alliance connected teachers to both hands-on and high-tech resources in their RiverXchange Teacher Workshop.
  • UNM’s Wild Friends Program integrated civics with wildlife science as they got even more students involved in the democratic process.
  • The Bosque Ecosystem Monitoring Program (BEMP) delivered a training at the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park.

This article was originally published in EE Connections for Spring 2014 [PDF].